Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Hi guys

I just started playing The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and I’m really enjoying all the freedom in this game.
I used to play a lot of Oblivion, back in the day, and decided to try Skyrim – well done Bethesda!
They took all the great stuff from Oblivion – and made it bigger.

I have made 2 different characters to try all the different asapects of the game, but i always end up as a sneaky rogue, working for the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild… always sneaking around with my deadly bow.
I guess that is just my style :P

Have anyone of you tried Elder Scrolls Online? I was thinking about trying it out, but I just have some bad experience with those MMORPGs.



I haven’t been active on this blog for AGES, so I have decided to restart it and begin anew.
And I will try to write posts more frequently.

So… Whats up with me right now? – Well I have just recently become unemployed… again.
And I just started playing Final Fantasy X HD Remaster. Are there anyone out there playing it? Awesome game! Until you have to get the Celestial (Ultimate) Weapons for each character…
what a pain in the ass!
Well.. Beside the many annoying mini games, the game deserves a big 10/10 score.